Dealing with Mom Guilt

I’ve talked off and on about the importance of taking time for yourself. Sometimes it sounds a little like complaining when I talk about how hard it can be to do that. I’m so thankful for my girls and the life we have, but I don’t mind being honest sometimes when I say, getting out and making it happen can be hard. Mom guilt likes to raise its ugly head big time when I’m trying to take that time for myself and walk out the door. Especially when I’m listing off all the things to do: what the girls have eaten/should eat, bedtime, any extra instructions (like, don’t forget to put solution on Alice Janes recently pierced ears). Towards the end of those instructions, I always get to the point before I walk out of the house where I ask myself “is this worth it? Wouldn’t it be easier to stay home and do it myself?” The mom guilt really gets to me at that point, “aren’t they more important than me going out with friends?!” Of course they are!! But a mom that might be feeling burnt out is no help to anyone, “Happy wife/mom, Happy life” right?! I believe that it’s true when people say no one can make you happy, but yourself, and God of course. But, if you are able, and you know it’s good for your mental frame of mind, why not do this for yourself. Mom guilt can be a lie, I’m so good at telling my friends that, but sometimes I need reminding. And honestly, I write this as a reminder. I’m documenting each time I go out as a reminder to myself, that it is worth walking out that door for a few hours. It’s worth coming back refreshed and ready to continue working everyday to be a better mom than the day before.