Coffee Trip

Here we go, week 7 and still going strong. If anything, I wanted to prove to myself that I could reach my goal and be consistent. I knew I had to stop saying “I didn’t have the time” and “I have other things that are more important”, I knew I just needed to go for it. If no one else sees this, I still have so much pride in this space. Something that I really want to add here is a makeup and skin roundup of a few of my favorite things on a budget. There’s so many great products out there, and they will be a few things I’ve found and loved.

Now, to get to the pictures below. My friend, Kiara, took me to an amazing coffee shop in Fort Lauderdale, where we were visiting family. The coffee shop is called Brew Urban Cafe, all I’m going to say is, there is a air stream inside the cafe! There’s so much going on, it feels like Beauty and the Beast, with the massive bookshelves. Plus there is a glass airplane hanger door that opens to the outside. Just check out their Instagram, insanely beautiful. The coffee that I had and the cupcake that the girls had was amazing as well. Plus there’s was a swan in the coffee! Beautiful places like that just make me feel so inspired!