The Simple Moments Count

This post is pretty different than ones I’ve posted so far. Mostly because I posted one simple picture. This picture represents so many things to me. It’s a picture of fellowship, amazing food, much needed grownup girl time, and all the things I deny myself in trying to be the best mom/wife/daughter/sister I can be. But denying myself time to renew myself is not helping me be the best I can be. Pushing your own needs and wants so far down for the ones you love is more detrimental to them then stepping back once and awhile and saying, I need a break. I need to be around other women going through the same time of their lives as me, without a baby/child distracting me with their own needs. I don’t know if you’ve tried having a grownup conversation with babies running around, but it’s pretty much Impossible. So last night for maybe the first time in years, I sat down with other mothers and enjoyed good food(without interruptions for bathroom breaks, feeding babies, telling them to sit down, eat, stop playing, etc.), I enjoyed amazing conversation(85% of the time it was about kids), I enjoyed coffee(before it turned cold), and most of all, I was able to give my full attention to myself and the interest that I shared with the other ladies I was with. How is it that such a small moment for myself can provide me with so much fuel for the coming days and weeks. The picture seems so simple, the moment seemed so simple, but the simplicity was exactly what I needed.