Rose Water Coffee Date

My favorite date with my husband, is just getting coffee. I love going for coffee during the day with him. We don't like staying out late, sleep is precious when you have kids. I saw on Instagram, that Vagabond coffee had a rose water latte that they were going to stop offering. It was the perfect day to try it out. I love anything rose flavored or scented, and their rose water latte was no exception. Plus, I had a quiche right before these pictures, so insanely fluffy and tasty. I love that Jacksonville has become this amazing place with amazing coffee. Jax just gets better and better. 

 I just want to take a moment for this blazer, It is one of two that I thrifted while in Cleveland. It is a perfect alternative to the Camel coat that was such a staple during the winter. Now during this extra long winter/freezing spring, I can throw this amazing camel colored blazer on instead of my large camel coat.