Monsters and Top Buns

90's Loving.

I have been loving Zara's kid purses styled by FancyTreeHouse, they are so fun and unique. I originally bought this purse for Alice Jane but I knew I wanted to wear it too, I loved the color and faux fur. If you are looking for interesting purses check out the children's section of Zara. 

We went to Cleveland this New Years to visit David's grandparents. We loved seeing all the snow and Alice Jane's snow angel dreams came true. My favorite thing about Ohio was when we went to Goodwill. I scored two amazing blazers that I love, this one and a camel colored one. It's my dream to up my 90's business wear game. 

I found these pants at Target and had to get them. They are super comfy and the color is perfect. These "joggers" look so amazing dressed up. Although they are labeled as joggers, they don't qualify in my book. I do plan to slim them from calf to ankle, I know I will wear them more if they aren't baggy at the bottom. Also from Target, I got these mules and shirt. I found so many great things my last trip at Target, which is surprising since I haven't loved their clothes this past year.