Starting off 2018


I had every intention of starting January with a blog post. Somehow I have been more busy these past two months than December. I won't let that slow me down, because this year I plan to blog once a week, no matter what, hold me to it. I found my inspiration again and can't wait to keep at it. There were some things holding me back; lack of direction, unsure of what I wanted, and just not finding the time. I know what it takes this time, what I want, and how to work for it. 

These pictures were taken in December, but better late than never. I love the paperboy hat but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one. I have been loving this faux turtleneck from OldNavy, I want more, but I think I'll wait till next winter. I love my suede vest and my grandmas pins, I always feel plain without a little vintage. I did get these pants this past summer from PacSun and I love them. I didn't think I could wear light denim but they are great. Finally, the most comfortable Mules that I have been wearing non stop from Target!